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My work experience in Route 66 Idiomas, Valencia

My name is Desiré and I’m currently in the final year of my degree in Hispanic Philology at the University of Valencia. I got in touch with Route 66 Idiomas after finding out through ADEIT about the possibility of doing work experience at the school, teaching Spanish to foreigners. From the word go, Pilar, the school’s Director of Studies, answered all my questions in a friendly, open and professional manner. This was what made me choose Route 66 over all the other academies for my work experience placement. And I made the right decision.

I started in October by observing classes so I could familiarize myself with the school’s teaching methods and get to know the teachers and students. This initial observation stage allowed me to understand how each teacher manages their classes and responds to their students’ needs. It also allowed me to get to know the students I would be teaching and discover how they best learnt.

From week three I was the teacher. That said, one of the school’s teachers was always with me in class to give me support and advice. As with all beginnings, this was an adaptation phase in which, although I didn’t always know how to do things well, I was always told how to put them right and reassured that my efforts were appreciated.

Now it’s March and, looking back, I can see everything I have learnt here at the school. Normally class sizes are small which means that giving students individual attention and responding to their specific needs is crucial. Moreover, the students are all different ages and nationalities which means their learning styles are very different.

As I have already mentioned, the attention I have received from Pilar and all the Spanish teachers has facilitated my learning: their advice about materials and methods, their flexibility and patience, and their constant support has meant that now, with only two months before I finish my work experience, I can say that my vocation is teaching Spanish. This is all thanks to the opportunity that Route 66 has given me.

Desiré Jareño Albert