"I want a language teacher who speaks to me in my language"
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The big mistake:

“I want a language teacher who speaks to me in my language”

Many times we’ve heard students say: “I want a teacher who speaks to me in my language”. We promise you this is the first mistake any student can make in the process of learning a new language. Let us explain why.

When the teacher uses the language of their students in class, they will tend to translate. Not everything can be translated and many times words are lost in the process. Moreover, students can become fixated on using dictionaries and so when they don’t understand something they freeze and don’t know how to carry on.

Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘how will I understand what the teacher is saying if I don’t know what the words they’re using mean?’ But a professional teacher will make themselves understood using gestures, drawings and images to make sure you learn in the best way possible.

Without knowing the meaning of every word, you will still be able to understand the main points and, little by little, you will feel more comfortable with the language.

Try it and you won’t regret it. At Route 66 Idiomas our teachers are the best. Attend a free, no-obligation trial class and then let us know what you thought of it 🙂