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What can I do on Sunday in Valencia?

Are you studying Spanish in Valencia and don’t know what to do at the weekend? Well, we have a suggestion we think you’ll love.

Take a visit to La Albufera nature reserve. This national park is about 10 km from the city and, if you don’t have a car, you can get there on the number 25 bus. La Albufera is a beautiful lake, so the best thing to do is get off the bus at the jetty and take a guided boat trip to enjoy the sun, breeze and sights.

After your boat ride, we recommend you visit El Palmar, a nearby village which is well-known for its many restaurants serving typical Valencian food. Here you can try various traditional rice dishes, including paella.

The village also has its own charm, with many barracas (a traditional style of smaller Valencian farmhouse) which have been converted into restaurants, allowing you to dine in an old building which is typical of the area.

And after eating, why not take a stroll on the beach? It’s a short walk to El Saler beach which, with its white sands and dunes, is a fantastic place for a leisurely after-lunch walk.

If you would like some company, watch out for announcements on our socials because it’s a trip we often organize for our students.

Enjoy your day out!