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Tip from Route 66 Idiomas

This week we have a tip for animal lovers.

The Bioparc, located 10 minutes from the centre of Valencia, is a wonderful zoo which recreates the African Savannah.

You can walk through the homes of animals such as ring-tailed lemurs. The park offers exciting experiences around every corner, during every minute of your visit.

The Bioparc is located outside Valencia city centre, but bus 95 will get you there in 10 minutes.

Prices Bioparc  2013

Individual, adult €23.80
Individual, child €18.00
Individual, senior €17.50
Group, general €18.50
Group, child €12.50
Group, senior €15.20
Group, SEN €12.50
Group, Bioparc Visit €12.50

*Price per person.

Free admission for children under 4 years.

Child: 4-12 years.