Getting around Valencia in Valenbisi
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Out and about with Valenbisi

If you’ve spent a day walking around Valencia you have probably already seen them: the so-called Valenbisis. The city has more than 120 kilometers of bike lanes and is therefore perfect for exploring by bike. For those who want to use a bicycle during their stay in Valencia, the Valenbisis are a perfect option! In this post, I’m going to tell you a little bit more about this Valencian phenomenon.

As mentioned earlier, Valenbisi bikes are everywhere. In total, there are 2,750 bikes and 275 pickup points spread throughout the city. The bikes are very easy to recognize by their blue and grey color and Valenbisi sticker. The best thing about the bikes is that they all have a basket on the front for carrying your things.


How to do it?

Getting started with Valenbisi is very easy but before you can start you must first have a ‘Mobilis’ card. These are public transport cards that you can buy at tobacco stores (called ESTANCOS). Then you need to register on the website and sign up at a pickup point. Some pickup point examples: Plaza Ayuntamiento, Plaza del Mercado, Plaza de la Reina and Cirilo Amorós-Jorge Juan. Below you can find a map showing all the Valenbisi stations. At the station you choose a personal code and then the cycling can begin!

To rent a bike you just walk to a pickup point with your card, hold the card against the card reader and choose a bike. Then you have 1 minute to take the bike. After your ride, simply click the bike back into the rack and it will lock automatically. It is important that the bike is always properly clicked into the lock. To be sure, wait until you hear 2 beeps so you know it has locked.


Below is an overview of the prices:

Annual subscription (Mobilis card):

  • Cost: € 29,21
  • Valid for 1 year
  • First 30 minutes are free
  • Further 30-60 minutes: € 0.52
  • Each additional 60 minutes: € 2.08
  • Order via:

Weekly card:

  • Cost: € 13,30
  • Valid for 1 week
  • First 30 minutes are free
  • Further 30-60 minutes: € 1.04
  • Each additional 60 minutes: € 3.12
  • For sale at Valenbisi stations

Some handy tips:

– If you want to use Valenbisi it is best to download the ‘BikeHire’ app. On this app you get an overview of all pickup points. You can also see how many parking spaces there are or how many bicycles are available so you never have an unpleasant surprise.

Download the app for IOs Download the app for IOs 

– Because you can only ride a Valenbisi for 30 minutes for free, these bikes are not really suitable for whole-day use. If you need a bike for a complete day, it would be better to rent one. For example:

– If you do want to ride for more than half an hour you can simply swap your bike for another one and a new half hour starts.

– If you are cycling in Valencia when it is raining, be extra careful. The streets and especially the pavements become very slippery when wet. You do not want to spend your time in Valencia in a hospital, so keep this in mind 😉