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Supermen and Superwomen for a week at Languageschool Route 66 Idiomas

Learning languages is for all ages

If you thought that doing a language course abroad is something only young people do, think again. Of course, we at Route 66 Idiomas already knew that age is no barrier to language learning. We see students of all ages (from 16 to 82) come and go, but recently even we were surprised by what our “older” students are capable of.

Vic, a retired Spanish teacher from England, organized a one-week, 5 hours-a-day course for 2 groups of students he is still teaching in Sheffield (B1 and C1 level, aged 55 to 76). We are used to groups coming to Valencia for a study trip like this and they are usually school or university students. These students go on these trips as part of their schools’ programmes; they can do classes (2 or 4 hours a day), visit companies, do activities, meet other people and, of course, go out at night. This means that sometimes they ask us to start their classes later the next day because they’ve missed out on sleep (we usually start at 09:00 in the morning). We notice that, by the end of the week, these students have had a great time but are all out of energy.

Vic’s group, however, kept on going from dawn to dusk: studying for one hour more than normal (5 hours, starting at 08:30h in the morning!), going out until late, but then turning up for class on time and eager to start the next day. It was really great to see and proof that learning a language (and enjoying a great trip at the same time) is indeed for all ages.

Come and check it out for yourself!