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Students from Avans University visit Valencia

Every April a group of students from the Small Business Management class at Avans University in Breda come to Valencia on a study trip.

During their week in Valencia, Route 66 Idiomas organizes their activities and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. This year their budget couldn’t stretch to cover Spanish classes, so their activity programme was as follows:

– Welcome reception for the group at Finnegan’s pub: an introduction to the programme and an opportunity to enjoy some delicious Agua de Valencia (cava and orange juice).

– Two company tours. This year the students visited Inlet SeaFish in the port of Sagunto, and Vives Cerámica in Castellón. They also went on a guided tour of the facilities at the port of Valencia.

– Seminars with 2 local businesspeople. The students were able to put questions to Eno Brand from the prestigious company Inlet Seafish, and Ana Vernia from the renowned Bodegas Cerrogallina. It was very interesting to learn how to start a company in Spain and make it a success. The seminar was held in the conference room at the Valencia History Museum, thanks to its Director, Javier Martí.

– Language exchange between the students from Breda and R66 students. This involved fun language activities in a relaxed environment with the objective of learning Spanish and English, and getting to know more about each other’s cultures.

While all this was going on they also had a main task to accomplish. Back in Holland the students (in work groups) created some original products to present and/or sell in Valencia to businesses or shops. To be able to carry out this task the students needed a place to work in the city; our thanks go to the Valencia City Council for allowing them to use some premises. The Dutch students don’t speak Spanish (and not everyone they needed to approach speaks English), so Route 66 Idiomas language school offered the help of 13 of their English students as “guides”.

It was a fun week and everyone learnt a lot. The students marked the end of their stay with a dinner in Taberna Vintara in Plaza de la Reina.

We’re looking forward to next year!

Seminars with businesspeople

Visit to Valencia’s commercial port

Inlet Seafish

Visit to Vives Cerámica in Castellón