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DELE Exam Preparation Centre

Route 66 Idiomas (Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centre) prepares and enters candidates for DELE exams.

Benefits of the DELE:

  • They are the only official qualifications that accredit the holder’s competence in Spanish, awarded by the Instituto Cervantes acting on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education
  • They are recognized world-wide by employers, universities and government departments
  • Preparing to take the DELE will also give you the confidence to use Spanish in real situations.


Prepare for the DELE with Route 66 Idiomas

Route 66 Idiomas’ native Spanish-speaking teachers are all qualified DELE examiners and have considerable experience in preparing students for the DELE examinations. Contact us to discuss your goals and to arrange a free-of-charge, no-obligation level test as your first step towards exam success. We can also help you register for your exam:

Ask for information to receive a 5% discount when enrolling.