A new challenge for Pilar
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A new challenge for Pilar

After 15 years at our language school, Pilar is leaving us to work for a new employer. Pilar was involved in the school almost from the start (from 2006) and thanks to her it has become one of the leading language schools in Valencia. She made sure Route 66 got accredited by the Instituto Cervantes (2009) and led the proyect to make us an official DELE (2018) and CCSE (2019) exam centre. As a teacher she has helped and inspired many students and as Head of the Spanish department she has built a team we are very proud of.

Thank you for everything Pilar, good luck, and I am sure we will catch up soon over a cup of coffee.

Pilar and Sandra in the classroom in Route 66 Idiomas

Sandra has worked at Route since 2018 as a Spanish teacher and since 2019 as Pilar’s right-hand woman. She is her logical successor as Head of Spanish, but it will be a big job to take over from Pilar (especially since we are still in the middle of the COVID crisis). Nevertheless, I have complete faith in Sandra and that she will be able to lead the team through to the end of the crisis and the new normal.