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Why learn Spanish in Valencia?

You want to learn Spanish and you are thinking about where to go? The answer is simple: Valencia.

Learning Spanish is an important decision and therefore we offer a great variety of courses to choose from so you can find the most suitable one for you. However, learning a language is not only about vocabulary and grammar, you need to practice. With Route 66 Idiomas you can find a good opportunity to get into contact with locals in class and more. Nothing helps more than that!

But… Why come to Valencia?

Valencia is a beautiful city. It is not enormous but has many sights to discover. Of course a big plus is the proximity to the beach, which is especially attractive during summer. Valencia not only has a lot of interesting places to visit but it is just nice to walk around the streets and see the old houses, squares and its people.

An important topic that we have to keep in mind is the climate and we have an average of 300 days of sun per year.

What´s special about Valencia is the City of the arts and sciences which because of the futuristic design is a symbol for the Valencian people. Right here in the old river bed there is now a huge green area where you can relax, walk and do sport?

After classes there are a lot of things to discover and you have enough time to do so! Our school has a central location so that you can have easy access to a lot of sights within a 10 minute walk.

Apart from the Spanish courses we offer you the opportunity to learn more languages and participate in our activities. Paella, visits of the Mercado Central or you can just organize your own plans with your friends. So you see there is a lot to do in Valencia!

Are you convinced to come to Valencia now? If not you can just have a look at our courses. But you need to decide quickly because there are groups of only 6 persons.