Spanish Citizenship Exam (CCSE) in Route 66 Idiomas
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Spanish Citizenship Exam (CCSE)

The Spanish citizenship test, officially the “Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain exam” (CCSE), is prepared by the Instituto Cervantes. The exam evaluates candidates’ knowledge of the Spanish constitution, society and culture. It is divided into two sections, each one corresponding to the legal requirements for obtaining Spanish citizenship:

  • Government, legislation and citizen participation in Spain
  • Spanish culture, history and society

The exam is made up of 25 questions. To pass you must answer at least 15 of these correctly.

The Instituto Cervantes has put together a free-of-charge handbook to help candidates prepare for the exam. You can also download an app for Android and IOS mobile devices.

The exam lasts 45 minutes and is usually held on the last Thursday of every month (except in August and December when the exam isn’t offered). With the current COVID19 situation, we recommend you visit the Instituto Cervantes website to view the exam calendar as they are arranging extra sessions.

Please remember if Spanish is not your native language you will also have to take the DELE A2 exam. You can find more information about it here → DELE A2

We are an examination centre for both the citizenship test and the DELE exams, so you can’t go wrong in choosing Route 66 Idiomas as the place to take your test.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us.