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See you soon, Katharina!

Yesterday was the last class of our wonderful Spanish teacher Katharina. It was her second time here and we are sure that this farewell is not forever.

Katharina is from Germany and is studying to become a Spanish teacher. She gives Spanish classes to foreign students in our language school.

She is very kind and responsible and all her students are very happy with her. “I learn a lot in her lessons,” one student told us.

For this year we will miss you, Katharina, but we are sure that we will see you again soon!

She was lecturing a group of 4 Dutch students, who are all in Valencia for their fashion internship.

We are confident that they have learned a lot of Spanish! After all, they have to  put it into practice when they go to do their internships.

Have a save trip home and see you soon!


A big hug from the team at Route66.