New anniversary of Route 66 Idiomas Valencia
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Route 66 Idiomas turns 16

Last year, just after the COVID pandemic exploded, I wrote about our 15th anniversary. I expressed my hope that we would soon return to normal and that we would all be careful for a while.

At Route 66 we want to thank our staff and students who have adapted to the new normal, apparently effortlessly, coping brilliantly with online learning and the return to the classroom (with masks), timetable changes, mandatory rest periods, smaller class sizes, etc. Nothing has been too tough or too complicated.

However, we found out that everything would get harder. A year is a long time and, although it seems to have flown by, we are all starting to tire.

Nevertheless, there is hope on the horizon and it appears that in the coming months we will take huge strides towards greater peace of mind, stability and freedom. We will finally be able to start doing the things we enjoy: going out to dinner, organising concerts and parties and, of course, going on (language) trips. We just need to hang in there a little longer.

The sixteenth year of our school will be one to enjoy and full of rediscovery. Our beautiful city and this wonderful school will once again welcome you with open arms. Take care and we will see you soon.

Un abrazo fuerte y hasta pronto,

René Clerx