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Opinions and reviews of Route 66 Idiomas language school Valencia

What students think of Route 66 Idiomas language school

Using the internet, there are many ways to evaluate language schools in Spain and all over the world. There are online platforms dedicated exclusively to evaluating language schools. You can also find user opinions on Google+ and Facebook. We are very proud to have received so many positive reviews on so many different sites. Check out what our current and previous students think about us:

Paqui (Google+): Highly recommended

A friendly, welcoming school and the teaching is very effective. I’m very happy. Highly recommended.

Rosa (Google+): I’ve finally got my CAE certificate

I’ve wanted to take an advanced English exam for a long time but had never got round to it. I found some fantastic teachers at Route 66 Idiomas who motivated me to prepare for the exam and today, finally, I have my certificate in my hands. Thanks to Route 66 and their fantastic teachers for their help this year because I’ve finally got what I wanted. Thank you!

John (Google+): The city of Valencia surprised me

I had to prepare for a Spanish exam and my teacher recommended I do an intensive course in Valencia. He knew Route 66 Idiomas because he went to Valencia on a city trip for a week to Valencia and Route organized this for him. Liked the city and loved the teachers, because they were fun. The city of Valencia surprised me. Beautiful and very relaxed. Nice weather and the beach nearby! You should check it out. Saludos de John

José (Google+): Language immersion from day one

Very good study methods, with native-speaking teachers. You get used to speaking and listening to the language you’re studying from the first minute of class.

Susanne (Google+): Interactive classes

Had a Spanish course at another school for two weeks and decided to change to Route66 to get more individual lessons for one more week. It was the best choice ever. Here the classes are interactive, you learn how to speak right away. The teachers are very patient and helpful and the location is very good (right in the city center). Will be back for more for sure!

Maria (Route 66 Idiomas Website): Friendly environment

The school has become like family to me. Interactive classes, highly competent, young teachers, short videos and photos. They address the needs of older students with great care and warmth. René has always helped me. My warmest thanks. I’ve had a wonderful holiday.

Marcel (Facebook): 100% language immersion

All the staff really went the extra mile to make my students and me feel at home in Valencia and at their school. They arranged accommodation, did a city tour and organized various excursions. To top it off: thanks to the one-week intensive Spanish course and the 100% language immersion, the students learnt as much Spanish as they would have in a one-lesson-a-week language course of 24 weeks.

Do you want to review Route 66 Idiomas language school? You can leave a review on any of the many review pages online! Please remember that we’re always ready to listen if there’s something you think we could have done better. So if you’re not entirely satisfied with your experience at our school, please let us know, because we’ll do everything we can to make sure you leave our school smiling .

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