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Material available at Route 66 Idiomas language school

Books used for English classes at Route 66 Idiomas Valencia

There are a wide range of materials available here at Route 66 Idiomas. Our aim is to adapt each course to your exact needs, whether that be business English, exam preparation or general English. We select only the best publishers and course books, such as Market Leader for business English, which gives a clear and detailed insight into the skills and language used across all types of work. Exam materials, for instance FCE (First Certificate), CAE (Cambridge Advanced), CPE (Cambridge Proficiency), among others, are taught using the latest editions and are all tailored towards giving the student optimum practice for the exam as well as covering all the elements of the exam which are necessary to pass. General English classes follow carefully-designed English File course books, known for being coherent, fun and for having an intuitively logical progression through units such as ‘money’, ‘travel’ or ‘sports’.

Whatever course you choose, the course book simply acts as a framework for both you and your teacher to build on and guide you, making your studies organized and thorough. Once you have decided which path you would like to follow, please get in touch with Route 66 Idiomas and we would be more than happy to talk you through the next stages in beginning your course here, in Valencia.