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How to get to Route 66 Idiomas by metro or on bike

Directions for how to get to the school by metro or bicycle

Here is the next installment of “How to get to the school “. In previous posts we’ve explained how to get here by car and how to get here from the train station.

Now we’re going to explain how to get here by metro, and how to get here by bike using the “Valenbisi” bike rental system. Using Valenbisi allows you to pick up a bike from one of the bike stations all over the city and get around Valencia with ease.

Today we’ve decided to share a panoramic photo which shows the entrance to Xàtiva metro station, Valencia North Train Station and the city bullring. 😆

There are two metro stops very near the school: Xàtiva and Colón. Both allow you to access lines 3 and 5 of the Valencia metro.

Both these stops are only 8 minutes from the school on foot and make it easy to get to most of the city. You can find out more about the metro network and all the lines on the Metrovalencia website.

If you want to get to the school by bike then you can use the Valenbisi bike rental system.

Valenbisi makes it very easy to get around Valencia. Remember that riding on the pavement is forbidden and you can only ride in pedestrianized areas if you are going slowly.

There are several bike stations near the school, so you won’t have any problem leaving your bike when you get to school or getting another when it’s time to go home. 🙂

Here’s a map of the bike stations close to the school: