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How to get to Route 66 Idiomas by car

Directions for how to get to the school from Valencia train station (Estación del Norte) by car and park in a public carpark close to Route 66.

Last week we explained how to get to the school on foot from the train station. Well, this week we’ve drawn up a new map to show you how to get to the school from Valencia train station by car. It’s very straightforward, and you can park your car in a public carpark right next to the school.

This week we are sharing a photo of the station by night, which is also very pretty. As the days are shorter at the moment, this way you will know what the station looks like if you decide to come to the school after dark.


If you are coming to the school by car, please be aware that Calle Moratín (the street where the school is located) is pedestrianized.

As a result, you have to approach the school on Calle Portillo de San Jorge and at number 3 you’ll find the carpark.

Here’s a photo of the carpark entrance:

If you look closely, you’ll see the school sign in the background.   😀

Here are 3 photos in which you can see the front and the main door of Route 66 Idiomas in Valencia.