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15th August

August 15th is a national holiday and Route 66 Idiomas will be closed, like many other businesses, as towns across Spain celebrate their own local festivities.

The “Virgin of August” draws families to her, as many people return to the homes of their ancestors, bringing life back to many small villages which increasingly have fewer and fewer residents.

But, what is celebrated on August 15th? 

This holiday comes from a Catholic tradition: the date was chosen by the Roman Catholic Church to celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. This festival dates back to the first centuries of western Christianity.

At 9.35 a.m. the icon of the Dormition of Mary is carried from the Milagro Church to Valencia Cathedral. At 7 p.m. the journey is reversed to return the Virgin of the Assumption to her church.

During this Valencian ceremony, which dates all the way back to 1352, the procession is accompanied by Valencian pipes and drums.

The bells of Valencia cathedral are rung by hand and the bell ringers perform a traditional piece which was composed in the 18th century in honour of the Virgin Mary.

Come and enjoy this day!