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1) Hello Ana! How are you? _____, thanks. And you?

2) Here are my brothers. They are _____ .

3) I _____ in Madrid yesterday.

4) Where are the pictures? They are _____ the table.

5) _____ books in the bag?

6) _____ a cup of coffee? No thanks, I´m not thirsty.

7) _____ to play tennis tomorrow?

8) I speak English and Pablo _____Spanish.

9) Can you see that picture? _____

10) How old are you? _____ .

11) Whose book is that? It´s _____

12) What _____ ? I´m reading a book.

13) Carlos, I _____ you on the bus yesterday. Yesterday? Ah, I was ill and stayed at home.

14) What does he do? _____ .

15) Maria José _____ the tickets.

16) I _____ here for twenty years and I don´t want to move.

17) A hundred envelopes! No, I only want _____ .

18) She is _____ than Jane.

19) He drives too _____ .

20) Cristina doesn´t get home from work _____ six o´clock.

21) That´s a nice car, Nacho! It _____ expensive.

22) My car is _____ to take six people.

23) My sister´s gone to the shops _____ buy some milk.

24) Barcelona´s nice but there are _____ cars.

25) I _____ for IBM when I was nineteen.

26) Pilar drives _____ than Amparo.

27) _____ going to the pub with me?

28) There isn´t _____ at home.

29) Eduardo _____ to a girl when I saw him.

30) When he _____, will you tell him to meet me in the bar?

31) Raul has broken his leg and so he _____ to come to class for several weeks.

32) Are you going to the cinema tonight? "I´m not sure. I _____ ".

33) It was a terrible film. I´ve never seen _____ bad film.

34) _____ stop smoking but I didn´t.

35) Where did you put _____ pencils you bought the other day?

36) When I was young I _____ play football.

37) Which pictures _____ when you came in?

38) I made one or two mistakes, but _____ of my answers were correct.

39) I went to Australia _____ a month _____ summer.

40) Mum gave _____ her job when I was born.

41) I wish they wouldn´t _____ so much time with unnecessary meetings.

42) I was very _____ and depressed when I first went to live abroad.

43) What did the man _____ ?

44) In my opinion, Barça is better than Real Madrid. _____

45) I _____ intending to stop smoking even before I got this bad cough.

46) Last year, Marian bought two _____ coats in New York.

47) I suppose it´s time we called it a day, _____ ?

48) Our department is neither prepared _____ willing to fund this research.

Neighbours influence buying decisions.
(rellena los huecos en blanco con una de las cuatro opciones que encontrarás debajo del texto)

However objective we believe ourselves to be, most of us do not judge a product solely on its merits, considering quality, value and style before making a decision. 49 …………, we are easily influenced by the people around us.
There is nothing 50 ………… with this. It is probably a smarter way to make decisions than 51 ………… on only our own opinions. But it does make life hard for companies. They have 52 ………… understood that groups of friends and relatives tend to buy the same products, but understanding the reasons has been tricky. Is it because they are so similar with 53 ………… to how much money they make and what television ads they watch that they independently 54 ………… at the same decision? Or do they copy one another, perhaps 55 ………… envy or perhaps because they have shared information about the products?
Research in Finland recently found overwhelming evidence that neighbours have a big influence on buying decisions. When one of a person’s ten nearest neighbours bought a car, the 56 ………… that that person would buy a car of the same brand during the next week and a half 57 ………… by 86 per cent. The researchers argued that it was not just a 58 ………… of envy. Used cars seemed to attract neighbours even more than new cars. This suggested that people were not trying to 59 ………… up with their neighbours, they were keen to learn from them. Since used cars are less reliable, a recommendation of one can 60 ………… influence a buying decision.