We recommend 5 books to help you continue learning Spanish.
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23 April – World Book Day

We recommend 5 books to help you continue learning Spanish.

Do you like reading? Why not read a book in a foreign language? You’ll improve your vocabulary and learn new grammatical structures.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you start with graded readers. You can find many different ones on the market and they are all clearly divided into different levels.

However, from B1 level upwards we recommend you start reading novels in Spanish.

Here are our 5 recommendations:

1- Manolito Gafotas (by Elvira Lindo): Always ready to share his views, Manolito Gafotas, as he’s called by everyone in his neighbourhood of Carabanchel, is a chatty child who lives with his parents, his grandpa Nicolás and his little brother, the Imbecile. Together with his best friend, Orejones López, and his greatest enemy, the bully Yihad, going back to Diego Velázquez primary school becomes an adventure. The arrival of a new classmate, Paquito Medina, a date in the Árbol del Ahorcado with Susana and the happiest birthday of Grandpa Nicolás are some of the memorable events in this first book in the series about Manolito Gafotas.

2- Tu mirada en mi piel (by Elena Montagud): 31-year-old Carol is a translator who lives in Barcelona who is about to have her life turned upside down by an emotional tidal wave. First she discovers her partner, Samuel, in their bed with another woman doing the things she has missed so much. And then she receives a call from her home town telling her about a difficult family problem she must face alone.

But suddenly her path crosses with that of Isaac Salazar. He’s not the friendliest person, but there is something attractive, almost irresistible, about him. Like a song that gets stuck in your head, Isaac’s penetrating gaze, his rare smiles and his intensity when it comes to making love soon steal Carol’s heart. And she wants, almost reluctantly, to know more about him. As her meetings with Isaac come and go, Carol will have to face her own fears and the secrets both of them are keeping and surrender to his magical, skin-prickling gaze.

We don’t only recommend this book because we love it, but also because it’s written by our wonderful teacher, Elena Montagud, who we all – students and staff – adore.

3- El Príncipe de la Niebla (by Carlos Ruiz Zafón): An evil prince who grants your every wish… for a high price. Carver’s new home is shrouded in mystery. The ghost of Jacob still lingers there, the drowned son of the former owners. The strange circumstances surrounding his death only begin to make sense with the appearance of a demonic character: the Prince of the Mist.

4- Caperucita en Manhattan (by Carmen Martín Gaite): Sara Allen is a 10-year-old girl who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her fondest wish is to travel alone to Manhattan to take her grandmother a strawberry tart. The grandmother in this modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood used to be a music hall singer and has been married several times. The wolf is Mr Woolf, a multi-millionaire pastry chef who lives close to Central Park in a skyscraper shaped like a cake. But the magical thread of this story centres on Miss Lunatic, an ageless beggar who spends her days hidden in the Statue of Liberty, venturing out at night to intervene in human misfortunes or, if necessary, gift them a potion able to vanquish fear.

5- Sin noticias de Gurb (by Eduardo Mendoza): Having landed in Barcelona just before the 1992 Olympics, the extra-terrestrial Gurb uses his strange ability to adopt the appearance of anyone in order to survive. Having taken on the guise of Marta Sánchez, he gets lost, leaving his alien co-pilot to scour the urban jungle in search of him. From his personal diary we get a rare insight into the incredible and amusing adventures of an alien in Barcelona.


We hope you enjoy reading them and we’ve helped you improve your Spanish.