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Gain work experience through Route 66 Idiomas’ wide range of internship placements with companies in many sectors including sales and marketing, and the hospitality industry. Meanwhile, our intensive Spanish courses will prepare you for your time in your host company.

We search for the most appropriate internship for each candidate, treating each application individually. An application should include:

1. Details of the sector in which you would like your internship. Please give at least two options.
2. Details of what objectives/requirements your course specifies for your internship.
3. Your CV, including previous work experience and academic studies.
4. The time of year you would like to come to Valencia, the length of internship you require and the length of the Spanish course you would like to take.
5. Information about your current level of Spanish and how long you have studied Spanish previously.

Once we have accepted your application we will need references from your school, university or employer.

Your Spanish course

Students will need at least an intermediate level of Spanish to get started in their internship (B1 level). For most applicants this means they need to come to Valencia and start their Spanish course at least two months before their work placement begins. If you apply for an internship with us, we will send you a test and arrange for a teacher to speak to you to confirm your level.

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