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The new test for Spanish citizenship applicants

CCSE TEST: A new exam to test candidate’s knowledge of the Spanish constitution, society and culture

Due to recent changes in Spanish law, anyone wanting to apply for Spanish citizenship will now have to pass two tests designed and administered by the Instituto Cervantes:

– A test which accredits basic knowledge of Spanish: the DELE Spanish Diploma A2 level or higher

– A test to accredit the candidate’s knowledge of the Spanish Constitution as well as Spanish society and culture: the CCSE (Spanish constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge test).

Detailed information about the nationality exam – which all foreigners resident in Spain (and non-residents in the case of Sephardic Jews) who wish to apply for Spanish citizenship must take – can be found on the Instituto Cervantes website.


Eligibility for the CCSE test:

All candidates over 18 years of age, of all nationalities, may take the exam as long as they have full legal capacity to do so.

Registration and payment:

Candidates can register online at the Instituto Cervantes website. The test registration fee is €85. This is the same price for everyone and a charge which will be revised annually.

The registration fee can be paid by credit or debit card or using Paypal.

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