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Route 66 idiomas Language School on the 2 o'clock news

Television visits our language school in the centre of Valencia.

Yesterday a television crew visited us. Televisión Española (TVE) is the national public channel that also broadcasts local news.

The Valencian Consumer Organization wants to warn people to be careful when a language course at a private school is financed and/or has to be paid up front in full. We are one of the schools in Valencia which tries to be as flexible as possible when it comes to paying for classes, especially in these times of recession.

The Director of the School, René Clerx,  stated in this interview that students on some of the English long term courses, for example, can pay per term instead of having to pay the entire amount at the start of the year. In this way we make it a little easier for students to make their payments while also making sure we receive significant sums: the school has to pay its bills too.

In the interview you can also see one of our teachers, Elena, at work and also a possible new student, Belén, who happened to be at the school doing an entrance test for the PET exam preparation course.

You can find the link to the interview below, so you can see the entire video. The interview starts after 12:31 minutes.

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