Proofreading and Correction

Proofreading texts written in languages other than Spanish

We also proofread and correct translations provided by other agencies or translators, and texts written in Spanish by non-native speakers.

Our proofreaders are linguistic specialists who only work with texts written in their mother tongue. If the text to be revised has been written in Spanish by a non-native, our proofreaders will correct any grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes as well as any idiomatic errors.
Proofreading and correction services Route 66 Idiomas language school in Valencia Spain
If the text is a translation, they will compare the translation with the original text to identify any missing text and formatting inconsistencies as well as errors in grammar, spelling and style.

Proofreading texts written in Spanish and Catalan/Valencian

We also work with professional, native-Spanish proofreaders who revise and correct the grammar, spelling and style of all kinds of texts written in Spanish and Catalan/Valencian.

What are your rates for proofreading and correction?

Rates for proofreading and correction are similar to those for translation and so will depend on the language(s) in which the document(s) is written and the number of words in the document(s).

To receive a no-obligation quote, email us.

You should include the following information in your message:
• Source text language
• Language(s) to translate into
• When you need to receive the translation
• Number of words and/or pages in the document to be translated
• Attach the whole document or a sample of its contents (we keep all texts in the strictest confidence).

We will send you our quote within 24 hours. It will be valid for the following 5 working days.

You can also call us or look at our guideline rates in the menu below.

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