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Practical exercise at the Valencia ELE Forum

On International Women’s Day, three Route 66 Spanish teachers – Mónica, Elena and I, María – attended the 10th ELE Forum organized by the University of Valencia.


We presented the practical exercise: “What would happen if I were bitten by a radioactive spider?”, an activity using change verbs.

The idea for the activity came from the need for students to practise using change verbs in a fun way. These verbs can be very versatile but most textbook activities for change verbs are usually gap-fill and matching exercises which make practice dull and boring. We wanted to do something very different.

Armed with our original idea, on 8 March we arrived at the University of Valencia Philology Faculty with butterflies in our stomachs but convinced that presenting our activity was worth suffering stage-fright. And it was. With the support of our biggest fans (Pilar, René, Claudia, Jenn, Elías and other friends and acquaintances from the ELE world) we successfully presented out activity. After receiving numerous congratulations from the attendees (and even quite few tweets!), we went home feeling good and thinking about our next challenge.  😆