Non-sworn Translation

Non-sworn translation (general translation)

Our experienced translators work with all kinds of documents. They always translate into their mother tongue and in their area of expertise.

What kinds of documents do you translate?

Our translations include the follow types of texts:Non sworn translation - general translation Route 66 Idiomas language school

  • Websites
  • Sales and business: presentations, corporate documents, market research…
  • Financial: annual accounts, audit reports, statements…
  • Legal (non-sworn): contracts and agreements, deeds, acts…
  • Publicity: press releases and packs, flyers and other publicity materials…
  • Tourism: brochures, menus, programmes…
  • Technical: manuals, instructions, catalogues…
  • Scientific and medical: abstracts and articles, research papers, presentations…
  • Literary: scripts, books…

How much does a non sworn translation cost?

The cost of a non sworn translation depends on the language(s) required and the number of words in the document(s).

To receive a no-obligation quote, email us.

You should include the following information in your message:
• Source text language
• Language(s) to translate into
• When you need to receive the translation
• Number of words and/or pages in the document to be translated
• Attach the whole document or a sample of its contents (we keep all texts in the strictest confidence).

We will send you our quote within 24 hours. It will be valid for the following 5 working days.

You can also call us or look at our guideline rates in the menu below.

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