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Tips and tricks to learn vocabulary

Learning vocabulary is one of the most boring tasks facing any language student. Most students will end up making enormous word lists which will make them drowsy within minutes of opening their notebook.

But there are other, more exciting ways to learn vocabulary. Here are a few examples:

Concept maps:

Concept maps are particularly great for visual learners. They also allow you to group your vocabulary by theme. There are loads of website which allow you to make concept maps free of charge, for example: Canva, Creately, and Goconqr.


Quizlet is a website where you can create flashcards and then it will automatically generate different games to help you practise the words you put on the cards. This is an effective way to learn because it’s often easier to memorise information when learning is fun. And, of course, it’s free.

Post-it notes:

Cover the contents of your house in post-its to remind you of the names of various objects in the language you are learning. You will soon see how, with little effort, you begin to remember new words.

We hope these ideas help you to improve your vocab and motivate you to continue learning.

Never stop learning!