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In these strange times, when we’re all confined to our homes, we’re sure many of you have considered learning a foreign language.

Here at Route 66 Idiomas we encourage you to do so. Learning languages opens doors not only in the world of work, but also allows you to travel with greater confidence and get to know people from all over the world, opening yourself up to other cultures.

So why not start today? There are many apps and programs which can help you practise vocabulary and grammar (such as Duolingo, Babbel and Busuu) but, of course, if you really want to learn you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up for an online course.

That said, make sure the course you choose is taught by a qualified teacher so that you receive adequate training.

Online courses should give you the opportunity to practice speaking, reading, vocabulary, listening and writing. Covering all these aspects of a language is essential if you want to learn it properly and use it with confidence. Because knowing a language and using it are not the same thing.

If you’ve already decided to go for it, the teachers at Route 66 Idiomas are waiting to help you learn and use a foreign language.

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