If you need an interpreter for an international event, you can trust Route 66 Idiomas’ network of interpreters to get your message across. We offer a range of interpreting services to meet your needs.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation

Interpreting-service-Language-school-Route-66-Idiomas-ValenciaAt events where all attendees need the services of an interpreter, we will provide a consecutive interpretation service where the speaker talks and the interpreter speaks in the pauses between their sentences. However, should the organizers have the necessary technical equipment we can offer a simultaneous interpretation service using cabins.

Depending on your requirements and the type of event you are organizing, we can also offer other types of interpretation such as whispered interpreting (chuchotage) or interpretation by phone or video conference.

What are your rates for interpretation services?

The rate will depend on the language combination, when and for how long you need the services of the interpreter. You can look at our guideline rates in the menu below or contact us to talk about your requirements and ask for a no-obligation quote.

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