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English today in Valencia

Places to learn English in Valencia

Valencia has a wide range of academies teaching English and other languages. But where are these language schools and what exactly do they offer?

Language schools in Valencia

There are language schools offering English classes all over Valencia and new schools are opening all the time. Academies such as The American School or The British Council enjoy a privileged position in the sector thanks to their international renown. But the competition isn’t just between these two large schools: there are alternative English course providers all over the city. The surprising number of smaller language schools seek to differentiate themselves from each other and compete by offering a wide range of additional services including workshops, conversation clubs, activities for children and translation services. However, many of these schools offer few options when it comes to actually learning English.

How is Route 66 Idiomas different?

Despite the constant growth in competition, Route 66 Idiomas has been consistently regarded as among the best language schools in Valencia. The academy is recommended by universities such as the CEU San Pablo, is chosen every year by many agencies specializing in the organization of trips for students and its students are highly successful in official English examinations. Route 66 Idiomas language school also works with Valencia Polytechnic University on various projects.

What makes us different from the other language schools in Valencia is our commitment to providing the highest quality of education. Each of our class groups is made up of a maximum of 6 students so our highly-qualified, experienced teachers can give their attention to each of them. We also offer students a range of choice when it comes to what they want to learn and when. Our “general” English courses, which cover a wide variety of everyday topics, are available to complete beginners, those with some existing knowledge of English or those who want to perfect their language skills. For those wishing to take an official English exam we also offer exam preparation courses for individuals and groups. Students with less time to spare can attend one of our intensive summer courses to prepare for an examination or to simply improve their English.

Why choose to learn English at Route 66 Idiomas language school?

Over the past ten years, Route 66 Idiomas language school has helped students from all over the world reach their learning goals. The academy has become one of the most popular language schools in Valencia thanks to the hard work of its staff and students, and its commitment to providing a quality service. We pride ourselves on putting the student first, supporting them in their learning and making them feel at home in our language school.

And remember: all teachers are well-trained native speakers and the maximum group size is 6 students!