CCSE Exam for Spanish Nationality

What is the CCSE exam? CCSE pequeño

The CCSE (Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain) is an exam prepared by the Instituto Cervantes which everyone who wants to obtain Spanish nationality has to pass. It is made up of 25 test questions which cover topics such as Spanish laws, citizens’ rights and responsibilities, geography and history, and knowledge about everyday life in Spain. It lasts 45 minutes.

Route 66 Idiomas languages school 2018 (18) Where can I take the exam?

At Route 66 Idiomas, of course. Our language school, as well as being right in the centre of Valencia (1 minute from the Plaza de Ayuntamiento), is close to 2 metro stations and nearly all the city’s bus routes have a stop near us.




When can I do the CCSE exam?

The exam is held on the last Thursday of every month, except August and December. For each of these sittings, you can choose to take the text at one of two times:

Calendario CCSE 2019

How much does it cost to take the CCSE exam?

It costs 85 euros to take the CCSE exam in 2019. The price is the same wherever you sit the exam and is paid directly to the Instituto Cervantes when you register.

How will I find out if I have passed the exam?

The exam results will be sent to the email address you give when you register for the exam. You will receive your results within 20 days of sitting the exam. Each successful candidate can download a certificate from their account on the Instituto Cervantes website which will be legally valid for official purposes.

Not sure how to register?

Here is a short guide about the steps to follow to register for the exam. It’s very easy. And if you still have questions, you can email us by clicking here or call us on +34 963 427 368.

CCSE Enrolment Guide

Do you need more information about the CCSE exam?

For more information, please visit the official exam website: