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26 March 2014
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Long-term Spanish Courses in the centre of Valencia

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Long-term courses Route 66 Idiomas language school offers long-term Spanish courses taught by experienced native speakers who will help you to improve or refresh […]

7 February 2014
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New exam dates for the Diploma de español como lengua extranjera (DELE)

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Are you thinking of taking an official exam to certify your level of Spanish? Well, you’re in luck. Este año el Instituto Cervantes ha […]

24 December 2013
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For Russian students who are interested in Spanish: Поездки по окончaнию курса и учёбы

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Поездки по окончанию курса и учёбы являются одним из самых интересных и богатым впечатлениями этапом для студентов. Несомненно, что для планирования поездки необходимо много времени […]

12 December 2013
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Study trips to Valencia with Route 66 Idiomas language school

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Every year several groups from schools and universities come and visit Valencia for a study trip. This year they came from Germany, Italy, France and […]

3 October 2013
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Convocatoria DELE Valencia – 22 Noviembre

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DELE: Diploma de Español como Lengua Extanjera Prepara con Route 66 Idiomas la convocatoria de DELE para el 22 de Noviembre. Tienes hasta el […]