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Canoeing in La Albufera

Canoeing with Route 66 Idiomas 

Last Thursday we went canoeing with Route 66 Idiomas in La Albufera Natural Park.

There was a very strong wind but that didn´t stop us! Luckily it was a sunny day.

First we followed a small river that ran along the various rice fields. La Albufera Natural Park is widely used for rice cultivation.

After a couple of minutes of canoeing, the water became wilder and wilder and eventually a few of us turned over. After a while we went back, everyone thought it was a fun experience.

The area around La Albufera is very beautiful, we all enjoyed our trip with Route 66 Idiomas. If you are near Valencia, it is definitely worth a visit.


Our students of Route 66 Idiomas had a great day. If you´re interested in our courses, you´ll do the same activities.