Activities in Valencia

Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, is located on the Mediterranean coast and has a lot of offer visitors.

Sights and Activities in Valencia

Activities in Valencia Trip to Valencia’s Albufera

Trip to Valencia’s Albufera

From a beautiful historic centre with picturesque narrow streets, to futuristic architecture, the city has something for everyone. One of its main attractions is the famous “City of Arts and Sciences”. The Mediterranean climate, with 300 days of sunshine a year, means that life is lived outdoors, in the city’s streets and parks and on its beaches.
Valencia is also known for the depth of its culture and its delicious cuisine. The city is home to many restaurants, bars and clubs which boast a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan vibe. The local nightlife is diverse and lively. Events such as the annual “Fallas” festival or the Formula 1 motor racing attract tourists from all over the world. The city’s universities give Valencia a young and international atmosphere. The public transport network, made up of the metro, bus and bicycles (the “Valenbisi” rental system), allows visitors to get around the city with ease.

Here are some links to websites where you can find more information about activities in Valencia and its surroundings. With so many things to do, boredom is not an option!

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