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If you are thinking about coming to study with us, you might want to check out these reviews of Route 66 Idiomas Language School. If you’ve already had classes with us, we value your opinion: please leave us a review and let us know what you think of our school!

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Feb 28, 2018 by Nataliya

Спасибо за интересные и познавательные уроки испанского. Хочу поблагодарить преподавателя Elena за четкое, структурированное и понятное изложение учебного материала.Школа расположена в центре, что очень удобно, чтобы после занятий изучить исторический центр Валенсии. Хорошо организовано проживание студентов, для меня это было очень важно.Особое спасибо Rene за внимание и понимание. Продолжаю изучать испанский язык и надеюсь еще раз приехать в Вашу школу.Наталья. ( январь-февраль 2018)

A worthwhile and enjoyable experience

Dec 7, 2017 by Margaret Lawrenson

I spent a fortnight at this school in mid-November 2017. I arrived as an almost-beginner, and left able to express myself in simple situations, and to understand a great deal. The teaching provided a good mix of grammar and theory with conversation, and everything is of course 100% Spanish from Day One. The teachers are young, committed and fun. They make you work hard, but are supportive and encouraging too.I chose to come alone, and to ask for the school to find me a Spanish Homestay. This isn't the easiest choice, but I strongly recommend it, as it forces you to live out your whole day in a Spanish-speaking environment.Valencia is a good choice of city in which to study. My afternoons and weekends were spent discovering a city with a fascinating history and natural parks. The school is ideally situated in the city centre. Recommended!I'm 70 by the way, much older than any of my fellow-students that fortnight. It didn't matter a bit.

3 tolle Wochen

Dec 7, 2017 by Alexandra

Ich habe einen 3-wöchigen Spanischkurs im Oktober gemacht. Ich hatte ursprünglich nur 1 Woche geplant und habe dann kurzfristig verlängert weil es mir sehr gefallen hat. Auch das Apartment das von der Schule organisiert wurde war einwandfrei. Kann die Schule weiterempfehlen :) man lernt viel und es herrscht sowohl während der Stunden als auch in der Pause eine nette Atmosphäre. Und der Standort ist genial :) Beim nächsten Spanien Urlaub schaue ich sicher wieder vorbei.

Oldie tries to learn Spanish at 68

Nov 9, 2017 by Phil Mitzman

I came for a one week beginners class in Spanish and had a great week - very intense at the end of which my head hurt!It so happens there were only two of us that week and we had the full and undivided attention of our two teachers Jenn & Monica. Really excellent each had a slightly different approach which complemented our situation. apart from clarifications to questions from us hardly any English was spoken so really forced us to focus. My head hurt by the end of the week. A week wasn't enough so in the words of a well known actor - I'll be back!

Oct 9, 2017 by Sue

Great school - will be back next year as the ambience and teaching were excellent and very relevant to everyday events.

Route 66 Idiomas

Oct 9, 2017 by Hannya

I can recommend this school, well located in the city centre with good facilities, small classes and friendly, enthusiastic staff. Rene was really flexible and helpful in enabling me to change the dates of my course at the last minute. Many thanks! Warmly, Hannya

Sep 18, 2017 by Lizzy

Really excellent school with some of the best teachers around. I've been to a few schools in both Latin America and around Spain and the set-up, teaching style and knowledge of the teachers was all very impressive. I 100% recommend the school.


Sep 14, 2017 by Aleksander

Hola! Ponownie się nie zawiodłem. Drugi raz byłem na kursie j. hiszpańskiego w Route 66 Idiomas. Świetni nauczyciele. Dużo konwersacji. Ciekawe zajęcia. Nawet gramatyka wydaje się interesująca ;) Według mnie dwutygodniowy kurs w tej szkole daje więcej niż kurs roczny w Polsce. Poza tym szkoła robi fajne niespodzianki dla kursantów np. pierwszego dnia mojego pobytu była serwowana paella po zajęciach. :) Szczerze mówiąc była to najlepsza paella jaką jadłem. :) Jeszcze raz polecam. Saludos.

Dopalo mi se

Aug 22, 2017 by Ivona

Provela sam dve nedelje u julu u Valensiji i moram da priznam da je najlepši grad u inostranstvu u kom sam bila. Prvo, hrana je fantastična i ljudi su jako ljubazni.Pre ovog iskustva sam bila jako zatvorena i tiha što se tiče španskog ali sada se osećam mnogo slobodnije. Prijatno sam se iznenadila kad sam videla da su grupe male jer mislim da u takvoj sredini maš više prilika da prićaš. Marija i Pilar, pored gramatike, uvek bi prićale sa nama o raznim temama od kulture,medijama do njihovih lićnih iskustva. Takodje hvala Cristina na interesantim lekcijama gde bismo pričali o trendovima i interesantim temama, osećala sam se kao da razgovaram sa prijateljicom. Pored toga, upoznala sam ljude iz razlićitih zemalja i njihove tradicije (Hvala Eva za onu poljsku gozbu, nikad necu zaboraviti, slavic sestro).Uprkos tome sto sam bila najmladja,nikada se nisam osecala izostavljenom. Uvek kad se zavrsi lekcija osecala sam se tuzno jer nisam htela da se zavrsi, tako dadefinitvno bih se vratila u Valensiju i ovu školu :)

Mai putin inseamna mai mult

Aug 18, 2017 by Catalina

Am studiat la Route 66 Idiomas in iulie si am optat pentru varianta cu clase private. Absolvisem nivelul A1 la o alta scoala din Spania in iunie si am dorit sa clarific aspecte de gramatica si sa asimilez informatiile de baza pentru nivelul A2. Dupa 9 ore, am dobandit aceste cunostinte si pot sa continui cu studiu individual aprofundarea acestui nivel. Scoala si profesoara mea mi-au oferit cadrul optim si intregul suport pentru a-mi atinge acest obiectiv intr-un timp foarte scurt. In cadrul sistemului de cursuri zilnice intensive nu cred ca as fi putut sa accesez acelasi volum de informatii si de aceea recomand clasele private pentru studentii aflati intre doua niveluri de pregatire.Sediul scolii este pozitionat excelent in inima orasului, care este el insusi o lectie deschisa: in zona sunt deopotriva obiective culturale, magazine si cafenele unde poti practica spaniola colocviala sau poti asculta valenciana, un dialect diferit de cel oficial, castilian.Valencia este un oras fantastic! Trebuie vazuta macar o data in viata. Este un sincretism de epoci, stiluri, peisaje naturale si urbane care se imbina intr-un spatiu relativ restrans in cel mai armonios si fluid mod cu putinta, ce depaseste abordarile urbanistice din multe orase europene faimoase. Este o incredibila istorie a arhitecturii care inca se scrie si pe care poti sa o traiesti sau sa o descoperi in fiecare zi.

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