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A language holiday with Route 66 Idiomas

Recently, various people around the School have commented that the time has arrived to swap gloves for flip flops and jumpers for strappy tops. How true. Over the past few days we’ve started to notice that Valencia is heating up.

That means it’s time to start thinking about where to escape to in June, July and August. But, does everyone go on holiday in the summer months? No. We’ll still be here. We stay to welcome students coming to our summer Spanish courses here at Route 66.

Many people from all over the world use their holidays to learn or practice foreign languages. Over the last 9 years we have welcomed students every morning as they come to class ready to learn Spanish, and with their backpacks and swimsuits ready for later. It’s a good idea to be in Spanish class when the sun is beating down: all of our classrooms have wonderful air conditioning. Then, when class finishes at around two o’clock, you can dash from the School to the metro, from the metro to the tram, and from the tram to the beach, all without wasting a single second.

We don’t only offer Spanish courses. Summer is also a great time to improve your Spanish. Or how about learning Valencian, which you can practice both on the beach and in the city?

The important thing is to keep talking!