21 March 2017
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21 March 2017, Comments: 0

Not only the people in the city are celebrating the Fallas, we are too!

We are not only teaching Spanish, but also show our students the tradition of Valencia and of course, we need to tell them about the Fallas.
You don’t know about the Fallas? Here is an explanation.

Last week on Thursday we began to celebrate the festival.
We started the day with a little quiz about the Fallas, of course with a prize: the members of the winner’s team were appointed  as “Falleros/as de Honor”. The days before we talked about the different aspects of the festival, what we could expect and see during the weekend and what the important dates are.
Afterwards we went out on the streets to look at some of the monuments and talk about their topics and the meanings of the caricatures, and their appearance, the height, color and details. Of course churros and buñuelos could not be missed so we ate them with hot chocolate while listening to Valencian music.

Not only during the fallas do we go out. We do many different activities in the city too.
So make sure you book a course for summer and visit us in our beautiful Valencia!

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