The Valencian Mascletà

15 March 2017
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15 March 2017, Comments: 0

What can you expect of an Valencian Mascletà?

Every day during the fallas festival you can see an exciting show of explosions, light and sound. The Valencian Mascletà is a very interesting experience which forms an important part of the Fallas.

You can feel the explosions through your whole body. Even if you aren´t there you can hear it throughout  the city.

Since the 1st of March until the 19th of March the Mascletà takes place at 14:00 o´clock at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Many people wait here more than one hour before the spectacle starts to get a good view. Furthermore from the 15th of March there are small Mascletàs in other parts of the city too.

As Route 66 Idiomas is located only 50 meters away from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento the students can leave to see the Mascletà. They cannot only study Spanish, but also can experience an authentic valencian festival.

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