9 June 2015
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9 June 2015, Comments: 0

10 years of Route 66 Idiomas and 10 reasons to study with us

We have the lowest number of students per class in Valencia.
Our standard classes are for a maximum of 8 students, DELE preparation classes take a maximum of 6, and classes for absolute beginners take a maximum of 4. It has been proven that smaller student groups increase learning success because teachers can give more individual attention to each student and nobody gets lost in the crowd.

Our intensive courses consist in 4 hours of class a day, including a 20 minute break. That means that one intensive course lesson at Route 66 Idiomas is not 45 minutes, but 55 minutes long, so every day you spend 40 minutes more in class than you would in another school. Very important information in case you are comparing schools before enrolling.

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